Juicer – 6 Question To Ask Before You Buy A Juicer

Many of us have used a blender someday in our everyday life, thus getting one is not a big decision. But, when it comes to juicers, we must consider carefully. Because purchasing a juicer could be a serious expense.
Therefore understanding the information about the machine before making your investment is actually wise. Each kind of juicer has the specificity of each, so if you buying one that cannot fulfill your needs. It can be an expensive  and messy mistake.

6 Kind of Juicer

Have you heard?
Juicers are available in 6 primary designs:

  • Centrifugal type
  • Masticating type
  • Upright Masticating
  • Dual Gear (also known as Triturating)
  • Wheatgrass
  • Hydraulic press

Let us see about the advantages as well as disadvantages of each type.

Centrifugal Type

centrifugal juicerCentrifugal type are the most affordable juicers offered and the kind which almost all retail stores have. These machine produce your liquid by cut up the raw food and then spin it to separate the pulp and the juice at very fast rotation. The juice flows out through a filter.

This machine suitable for  juicing soft fruit, but its generate rather more waste material (wet pulp) than other kinds of juicers.


  • Less Time and Cheap


  • Less productivity (less extract yielded)
  • Reduce shelf life.
  • Due to the high speed spinning cause oxidation to the juice.
  • Also this type of juicer cannot juicing vegetables and leafy greens.

Masticating Type

masticating juicer

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What is masticating juicer? Masticate means to grind or crush food with or as if with the teeth.
Masticating style juicer system work like that. Masticating juicer has a horizontal design in which the tube contains a motor-driven auger. This auger will crush and squeeze each pieces of fruits or vegetables that is in the tube, and push the pulp to the ends of the tube. Meanwhile the juice flows into the reservoir tube below. This method yielded much more juice, fiber content, also enzymes. One of which is included in the group of masticating juicer is Omega 8006 juicer. Omega 8006 juicer is one of the most popular masticating type juicer.


  • Higher productivity (yielded more juice).
  • Less foam, less oxidation, as a result of operates
  • at a lower speed rotation compared to a centrifugal juicer.
  • Furthermore, masticating juicers can juicing leafy greens and vegetables very well.
  • Most masticating juicers can homogenize your raw food.
    Thus you can make child foods, frozen goodies, or nut butters.

More expensive, bigger dimension, and need more time when compared to a centrifugal juicer.

Upright Masticating Type

upright masticatingUpright Masticating type provide all of the ability of single-auger masticating juicer yet are made to work in a vertical position to become more slim (efficient in space). There are two stage processing. First, the machine squeeze out the juice, then the pulp will be crushed and pressed once again in the second stage to produce much more juice.


  • Much more juice generate and fewer waste products.
  • Less room space necessity.
  • Significantly less waste materials because of heating or oxidation.
  • They capable to juice absolutely anything.

Significantly more expensive

Triturating (Twin Gear) Type Juicer

twin gearTriturating (Twin Gear) type juicer works in the same way as a masticating juicer, but they squeeze the pulp between two interlocking gears. Due to the fact they’re which is designed to be slow and powerful, these types of juicers separate the ingredients from the cells.

Thus you don’t only obtain a much more yield of extract, you will get a lot more nutritional value, at the same time.
Triturating juice extractors are especially the most costly juicer, but because you can easily accomplish so many things with them and they also generate so very little waste products, they’re worth buying if you’re able to handle the price.


  • Much more juice/nutrient produced compare with masticating juicer.
  • Much less waste materials from either heat production or the extraction process.
  • The capability to effectively juice grasses and leaves.
  • The ability of your equipment to homogenize in order to make baby meals, nut butters, ice creams, sorbets, and even pasta.


  • Serious price
  • Larger room necessities
  • Much more time period as a result of more slowly rotation speed.

Wheatgrass Type

wheatgrass juicerWheatgrass Juicer just do precisely like the name suggest: juice grasses. They aren’t
made to juice something besides grasses, with the possible exclusion of a few
tiny, soft fruits, for example grapes. These kinds of juice machines are available in both
hand-operated also electric powered types.

This juicer very efficient, if all you’re looking to do is actually make a nice green shot to improve your health or to enhance a recipe.


  • It’s actually  a really expensive machine offered its specialized
  • Minimal abilities, and the simple fact that they’re often bulky.

But the good news is, now available that type manual at an affordable price. One of which is the Handy Pantry Hurricane Stainless Steel Manual Wheatgrass Juicer.

Primarily due to the fact a lot of good juicers are able to handle vegetables also grasses, this isn’t a needed machine for green juicing anymore if you purchase the right standard juicer.

Hydraulic Press Type

norwalk juicerHydraulic Press Juicer often called Norwalk Juicers, extract juice in the most
effective method possible: they actually press it out. There’s absolutely no chewing
or grinding of the raw food, and there’s very little waste. Furthermore,
because it’s an easy pressing process, there’s simply no heat produced,
or oxidation into the juice. It’s by far the best way to extract juice.

Almost no waste products, no destruction of the liquid, with no oxidation.
Outrageously expensive at about $2,400 also take up a large space –
fantastic if you have the room and the cash, however impractical for many of us.

Since there are a wide variety of brand names, and other people juice for many reasons,
so the question is “Which type of juicer is suitable for me?
There are some question to ask that can help you to choose your juicer.
Here they are:

  1. Is It Easy  to Use?
  2. Is It Easy to Clean?
  3. How Good the Juice Quality?
  4. How Much the juice Yielded?
  5. How much noises that produce when in operations?
  6. Is It Durable and Economical?

Every type of juicer comes with the specificity of each, so you have to choose one
that fits your personal style, juicing style and the type of items you plan to juice

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